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Tell me this hasn't happened to us all at least once...

thehunter encounters Orcs at Best Buy, in the anime aisle, no less... as she put it.

Me: *reading the back of Cromartie High School*
Orc: "Wooo-maaaan! *grunt grunt* Woman like anime?"
Me: "Er, yes. I do." *continues to browse*
Orc: *advances* "Me like anime, too! Me go to CONS, collect many badges and much swag, spend all my gold! You go to cons?"
Me: "No, never." (lying) *edges away*
Orc: "Oh, you missing out. Cons greeeat! Me cosplay as Inuyasha. Hey, what anime you watch?" *moves closer, tries to put a 'friendly' hand on my shoulder*
Me: *ducks* "Oh, um, a lot of things."
Orc: "Me watch hentai. You like hentai? Me like [names a whole lot of titles with "nurse" or "magical girl" or "maid" or "tentacle" in them]. Hentai goood. Big tits. Tentacle rape so hot! Girls scream. What series you like?"
Me: *fed up by this point* "I like Boku no Sexual Harassment. Know what that is? It's the one with the infamous scene of a guy getting fucked up the ass with an ear of corn. That's what I like to watch. Guys getting reamed by great big vegetables. GOD, that turns me on."
Orc: "...oh. 'Kay. Me late for something, have to go." *leaves precipitously*


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