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From the notes of Senior Librarian Vo:

From the notes of Senior Librarian Vo:
The following was the text of a note, which was found wrapped around a mechanical mouse with a large key in its back, a heavy, ungainly iron object absolutely perfect for, say, mashing the toes of any unsuspecting libararian attempting to pick it up off a shelf. Turning the key produces a broken, ratchety noise but no other result. As the handwriting is not Eland's, and he was not much of a poet (not that it's much of a poem) I am unsure how it got into the collection, whether it was included merely because it involves references to clockwork or if there was an actual link that some past scholar has failed to record. —Vo

Hickory dickory dock
The mouse got stuck in the clock
After several generations of inbreeding,
his descendants became increasingly strange
and began to believe that the clock was the entire world
and anything outside it an illusion
Eventually they formed a peculiar religion
based on chronomancy,
which revered the clockwork mouse
as the pinnacle of creation
Hickory dickory dock

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