Любовь Лунаевна Бесполая (grey_and_purple) wrote in metaquotes,
Любовь Лунаевна Бесполая

Found on cynical_nurse ... and metaquotesed con permiso from uberjeep ...

First, the whole post. Context is important.

But the really delightful bit, so to speak, is

Bullshit Statement #2:
Nursing is not a job. All nurses at one time or another are called by a higher power. The first time I was called, I was out and nursing had to leave a message. I was in a bar in Brussels and I was so out of it I couldn’t see straight.

The next time I was called to nursing, I was also called to porn. I was about eighteen. First I had this dream about this beatific woman in an old style nursing outfit with a veil. She had a lamp and she begged me to help the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Then she took off the outfit and begged me to poon her in the ass. It was quite confusing—I guess it was some kind of hybrid vigour (see Bullshit Stereotype #1).

I chose nursing because it was easier to break into. But I am convinced that the God of Porn is up there somewhere, shaking his head. Probably sitting in a cosmic jacuzzi and eating a Twinkie while Ursula Barelylegal gives him a heavenly blowjob.

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