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A little funny from ladyvivien

With permission, from a locked post:

Last night, Dad's computer went on the fritz, so he spent the whole of today lugging my sister's computer into the study so we could install broadband and thus not have to be deprived of our daily fix of porn procrastination other things beginning with 'p'. like ponies. and...I've run out of stuff that begins with 'p'.

And then, later in the post:

Now I have to go and read a book for my course that feels suspisciously like gay male porn. And then write fic to cleanse myself of the penises. penii. hey, another word beginning with 'p'! really fucking annoying narrator who has had an erection throughout the entire novel so far. I'm really quite impressed, in a grossed-out, 'ewww men!' sort of way.

It's really the last bit that had me rolling laughing.

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