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onnawufei tells her bizarre dream...

From a friends-locked post, QWP.

[Dream crap starts now]

I killed Bill Cosby and his daughter, but not his real daughter, his tv daughter back when she was... Rudy or whatever her name was. The wee little thing. It was an accident, I don't remember how it happened but I do know it was a complete accident. Some people understood others did not.

As a result there was sort of a mob after me and they caught me and were keeping me at this big elaborate house. The mob was comprised mostly of Final Fantasy character spanning the different games, though I do know Fred from Scooby Doo was there as well. (Say it with me now: WTF?!)

At one point they left and I have no idea why, though I was still being held at the house. When they returned I was going to die and I was very against this. One of the women at the house (a cartoon character I recognize but can't place, I think from one of the old Hanna Barbara cartoons) said she had called in some people to save me, and when they got there I was elated. However when I got to their van I realized something wasn't right. I got inside and quickly realized two things 1) They were REALLY fucking annoying and 2) They weren't going to kill me but they planned on displaying me as sort of a trophy. I decided I'd rather deal with the Final Fantasy gang.

So I returned to the house where minutes later Vincent (yes again from Final Fantasy not Silent Hill) and Reno just sort of appear. They were talking quietly amongst themselves so I figured what the hell I'd come over an introduce myself, saying "Hello I'm Sara, and I'm going to die". They both shook my hand but before that were applying lipgloss. (I don't KNOW.) Vincent's was pink and rather sparkly and Reno said something about "I thought you weren't going to use that anymore because it comes off to easily". Vincent maintained that it didn't and began demonstrating by attacking my white shirt with the lipgloss container. O_O After that he decided that since I was such a good sport he'd buy my freedom along with a set of bagpipes (what?!) and various other ridiculous items.

Not long afterwards the group that was trying to kill me got home but Vincent was gone. I had sort of resigned myself to my fait and was planning to just ask them to kill me in an execution style rather than torture, it'd just be nicer that way. When I went out to confront them I was greeted by an older man (who I recognize from movies) who gave me three books. He had decided I was going to be allowed to live but in return I had to spread the word of the Lord and learn complicated mathematics. O_O I have no clue what the third book was. I remember thinking "Does this mean I still belong to that Vincent guy?" before Ryan woke me up for breakfast.


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