Victor Stillwater (i_am_stillwater) wrote in metaquotes,
Victor Stillwater

Clerks + D&D = customers suck post!

On customers_suck, millym talks about the plight of the lowly clerk.

People, Clerks are not magical little creatures fueled by Unicorn magic and large amounts of methamphetamines used to vastly enhance our tax-calculating and price-explaining skills. When we roll up our character sheets for our stats in our job applications, not every skill comes out as high as we may like. More to the point, there are very specific feat, skill, and magic limitations by working under the Clerk character class. 

I am Clerk-jockey class, subclass Concessions/Box Office. I can print you tickets, serve you soda, candy, popcorn, etc. My special skills are calculating your price totals, and a high charisma bonus for being willing to talk with strangers and make jokes with them about Mothra before they go into Grizzly man.

Whole post here.

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