Sadie (megalomaniageek) wrote in metaquotes,

On Enemy Pairings in fanfic...

chaos_r rants here about enemy!pairings in fanfiction and parodies Sephiroth/Cloud...

Sephiroth: Cloudy-woudy! I killed that nasty nasty Aeris so that we can be together now!

Cloud: Sephy-weffy! You bastard!

(SFX-budget-busting sword fight ensures complete with bullet-time, Jet Li-esque/Tony Hawk-like acrobatic moves)

Sephiroth: My, what a big sword you have!

Cloud: It's not the size, it's how you use it! (/cheeses)

Sephiroth: I think I love you baby

Cloud: I think I love you too...
I'm here to save you girl,
Come be in Shady's world,
I wanna grow together,
Let's let our love unfurl.
You know you want me baby,
You know I want you too,
They call me Superman,
I'm here to rescue you,
I wanna save you girl,
come be in Shady's world...

Sephiroth: Oh boy you drive me crazy...

And then, Unless the mad ravings of the fangirl suggest that she's also a fan of Eminem and through the Laws of Pepper Jack Cheese, Sephiroth is won over to Cloud by his amazing rendition of "Superman".


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