Cristin Anne (ladysorka) wrote in metaquotes,
Cristin Anne

From gmth, here.

Dear dairy,

So the New ORleans thing isn't going so good. Whoopsie. V. v. embaressing.

But! I got lucky tonight, because Bill Rehnquist died. What a winfall! Cuz now I can totally distract the American people. If I can get them all fighting about that "morals" shit again, they'll forget all about the NO thing. Who has time to think about a few dead folks when there are gays to hate, and birth control and abortions to be denied, and plaques of the 10 Commandmints to be posted in every public building? HEy, it worked last year.

Oh! Bonus! It might make 'em ease off about the war too. Heheheh.

This is so perfect. Thanks, God! *snoopydances*

Hugs 'n kisses,


P.S. Try to work in something about the liberals all being unpatriotic, too. That always pwns.

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