that lethargic child (shiftlessme) wrote in metaquotes,
that lethargic child

First time poster, hope I'm doing this right.


Mia: Bleh! I have to study for philo... dead white men... Marcel... Descartes...

Sai: Screw Descartes!

Mia: I don't wanna screw Descartes! He's ugly and old and dead and--

Angel: Hey, hey! He's French!

Sai: French means he's got body odor.

Mica: 'Sides, he'll be all, "I doubt-- must doubt-- that you exist!" Not a good get-in-my-pants compliment.

Mia: I think therefore I... oh, come on, how can he seriously think while having sex?

Mica: He's a philosopher. Philosophers seriously think all the time.

Sai: *thrusts her pelvis with a deep contemplative expression* Oh... oh... I think... that I am having an orgasm... therefore... I am! Having an orgasm!

Kalen: *Sees Sai, runs over* How could you start this discussion without me!

Sai: *pelvic thrusts with deeper contemplative expression* Hmm...

Kalen: Was that a philosopher's orgasm? Let's see you do it in French--

Sai: *pelvic thrust, deep contemplative expression, nasal baritone* Hrmm...

Entire post here.


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