~ (niqaeli) wrote in metaquotes,

From minkboylove, who is an absolutely hysterical read, on her Venus Flytrap:

Besides the noise nuisance, Audrey is behaving oddly. She went through a phase where she trapped every single fly that entered her terrarium, then appeared to choke fatally on it - whereupon the afflicted snapper turned grimly black and dropped off. She continued to do this until we had almost given her up for dead but hung on because there was one tiny little green shoot in the midst of all the dead foliage.

She now has four thriving shoots, but it was very strange. A fascinating thing about flytraps is that the snappers do not snap shut once. They snap twice. Every time. The things can count, in some capacity or another. She was basically snapping shut on flies, and then vomiting them out on the second snap - then turning all black and dying off. It was almost as if she'd developed a near fatal case of indigestion after binge eating and had to be lovingly coaxed back from the brink of death.

Conclusion - I have a Venus Flytrap with bulimia. Of all the flytraps on that fucking stall, we buy the neurotic one with the eating disorder. Story of my life.</BLOCKQUOTE

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