Haeli (deed_11) wrote in metaquotes,

This is from rejoicingapathy, found here. You might as well read the whole thing.

Occasionally, the phone rings and it's some person on the other end asking to speak to my boss, from Personal Business Improvement Something-or-Other, and I have to tell them that, no, he's not available and that he's utterly uninterested. [...]

"He's getting bought out. He seems pretty pleased with it."

"Oh. Are you benefiting from this in any way?"

What? "Uh, no, not really?"

"Not really?"

"I'm a college kid who answers phones and carries stuff."

"I hear you. I'm the college kid who calls people up bugging them about all this."

"Yeah, it's crap."

"I don't even know who Kathleen is."

"Yeah, but you're required to bug us into saying yes to you."

"Not really, that whole 'breaking the news' bit I just do for fun."

"Huh. Well, have fun bugging people about weird crap."

"Have fun answering phones and carrying stuff."



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