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I send funny metas, but I also send serious ones too....

Alrighty... not sure how to put this, because it's not exactly a metaquote per se, but something that will still probably interest you. So let's put it this way, one part metaquote, one part video feed, one part pics feed, and another part semi-related news article.

More important for those people here is livejournal user interdictor, whose blog is currently the blog to go when you want a blow by blow of New Orleans life at present.

As he himself puts it , "This journal has become the Survival of New Orleans blog. In less perilous times it was simply a blog for me to talk smack and chat with friends. Now this journal exists to share firsthand experience of the disaster and its aftermath with anyone interested."

And on an entry dated September 2, 2005...

"We are getting thousands of request to mirror the feed. Right now mises alone has 4000 or so viewers. My IMs are blown up out of control, no way I can filter them at this point. I sincerely apologize. If you want to mirror the feed, please go to the IRC chat on in #interdictor and announce your intentions to the admins and they will get you set up. Huge thanks to all of you stepping up to help bring my city's deterioration to the world.

I think it finally hit me when I was on our roof 27 floors up looking down at my city. This place will never be the same -- and I don't mean in that "can't step into the same river twice" philosophical sense. I mean in the "We won't even recognize the place" sense.

This place is completely coming apart. The hopelessness on the street breaks the heart. The old, the tired, the sick seem resigned to their presumed fate. Death.

I'm pretty much running out of words for my commentary. I'll try to stick to just the facts.

Thanks so much for the moral support, guys. I only wish we could pass it on to the people who need it more than we do."

On a semi-related note, because I found it through some other sites, this next article from the Seattle Times kinda made me feel sad, because it really does focus on the reality of the situation of the refugees in texas.  

Anyway, sorry for the OTness of some of it... but in one way or another, I guess I kind of fulfilled the requirement for metaquoting still. Take care, everyone.

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