Victor Stillwater (i_am_stillwater) wrote in metaquotes,
Victor Stillwater

Let us forget flooding and focus on FIRE for a minute or two with an Alphabet Game.

espher is funny on customers_suck. 'Nuff Said.

Hey guys,
I am looking for some advice.

I'm trying to play the alphabet game, but I'm having some trouble. Can you suggest anything better?

A is for - [a car company] and
B is for - [another car company]
C is for - Customers
D is for - Die in a fire
E is for - Eat (something unpleasant) and die in a fire
F is for - (another unpleasant word) yourself and die in a fire
G is for - Go die in a fire
H is for - Hurt yourself with fire
I is for - Ideally you'll kill yourself with fire
J is for - Just die in a fire
K is for - Kill yourself with fire
L is for - Light yourself on fire and die
M is for - Murder yourself with fire and die
N is for - Neuter yourself with fire and die
O is for - Oh, the ways you could die in a fire
P is for - Perish in a fire
Q is for - Quit wasting my oxygen and die in a fire
R is for - Refund my time and die in a fire
S is for - Seriously, die in a fire
T is for - Take this opportunity you have for calling today and die in a fire
U is for - Ubiquitously die in a fire
V is for - Violently die in a fire
W is for - Wishing you would die in a fire
X is for - Xenophobia is not a fear of dying in a fire, so go ahead and die in a fire
Y is for - Yeah, die in a fire.
Z is for - Zealously die in a fire.

The comments are hilarious too.

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