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"Songs in the Key of Outrage"

captainsblog started the day in a great mood, but it took a ridiculous piece of news to change all that. He responds in his usual, humorous manner:

"It would've taken something bad to break the mood, and sure enough, my government delivered. Come now reports that, while NOLA is burning, our Secretary of State was passing the afternoon in New York, shoe shopping at Ferragamo's on Fifth and taking in a production of.... I hate to say it....


To everything there is a time and a season, but I don't think this is the time for anyone in this administration to go Marie Antoinette on the serfs. All I can offer to redeem my beloved musical from this curse is a reworked set of words to the signature song from the show. Set, of course, to the tune of Knights of the Round Table:

We're the Cabinet of the Clueless
We really couldn’t do less
We go to plays and spend our days
Ensuring we’re not shoeless

We surround the King of Cluelessness
He’s the ultimate Confusion-ist!

We're the Cabinet of the Clueless
It does no good to boo us
Direct your hate at those red-state
Electors who renewed us

We're proud of all our cluelessness
Even if it seems like boorishness!

The water pumps remove less
The looters try and shoot us
But it won’t hurt if Haliburton
Gets the contract to res-cue us

We work real hard at cluelessness
You’ve got three more years of this messssssss!

Context here.

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