Miz Daisy Cutter (ms_daisy_cutter) wrote in metaquotes,
Miz Daisy Cutter

bites_the_sun quotes someone by the handle of "Lunahaze" (evidently not an LJer) as saying, Is our culture so accepting of misogyny and puritanism that a sex-positive feminist doesn't have the right to take her boy out to dinner and a movie without having herself insulted, stereotyped, and marginalized by the evening's entertainment?

EDIT FOR CONTEXT: "The girl went to see The Forty-Year-Old Virgin and claimed she came out CRYING (boo hoo!) at the terrible depiction of female sexuality within. Everyone laughed at her, including me, for being such a mirthless twit at which point she came out with the utterly priceless quote about having the 'right' to have every random movie she wanders into pander to her taste."

...and replies, quite succintly:
Lunahaze is the reason that if I ever took a women's studies class, I would end up starring in Columbine 2: Higher Education, spraying every whiny, self-important twit like her with machine gun fire whilst yelling "GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN AND WASH MY DISHES, BITCH!"

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