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A pair of metaquotes this time, because my flist is making me laugh today.

From juniperlore, who hates Pearl Jam even more than I do.

"About 5 years ago I was kidnapped by the government (working with the media giants of the US). Later I found out it was part of a top secret program to keep the masses in chaos and violence by making and releasing people with a "trigger" who would fly off the handle (apparently for no reason) and harm people and things around them, thus making news for the media to report on and keep the general population scared. They made us watch bad children's television and listen to mediocre cds on a loop while we slept. this went on all day every day for weeks or months, I'm still not sure.

When they had programmed my trigger and thought I was ready they tested me on a bunny. There wasn't even enough left for a lucky foot.

Since then, the program has been abandoned and I've received some help for my urges, but I still think "KILLKILLKILL" whenever I hear Pearl Jam."

That's the whole post. There is no other context. Context is for the weak.

And in my journal, the oft-quoted active_apathy also brought the funny. There was a news headline that I read as "Forecasters say deadly storm may spawn tomatoes," rather than "tornadoes" as the last word.

"Does a storm in a teacup spawn cherry tomatoes?"

Both QWP.
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