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Phildos, anyone?

From cherryscott's post:

Yes, for only $17.95, you too can turn your cellular phone into a vibrating sex toy!!

Okay, maybe it's just me, but walking around in public with my cell phone stuck down my pants is not exactly what I would call discreet. Not to mention that I doubt it's a good idea to have your cell phone that close to your crotch. Aren't people always yapping about cell phones causing brain tumors or something? That is definitely not something I want down my pants, thankyouverymuch.

But just in case you don't mind getting some sort of funky tumors, these things come in "four fabulous colors!"

And the comments:

peppervl: But my phone already has a vibrate mode. I can just stick it down my pants and use my house phone to call it. Then I can still get the sensation and save the $17.95

cherryscott: But I don't think that's as sanitary as the little rubbery sleeve thing with the "phildo" attached to it...

peppervl: Sanitary? What's the fun in sanitary? I mean, hell, I'm already gonna give myself cancer down there. Why should I be concerned about sanitary?

cherryscott: ...... Good point.

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