I'm not crazy and you're not nice (disi) wrote in metaquotes,
I'm not crazy and you're not nice

mariness goes into the reviewing business:

The Brothers Grimm: A review

People keep licking toads in this movie. Let's talk about that for a moment. Thing is, toads, even toads not from the exotic island of Madasgascar or the vibrant rain forests of Costa Rica, are nasty. They taste bad. They taste terrible. The reason for this is that toads, and more specifically the bacteria on the toads, are constantly secreting toxins that cover the skin of the toad to keep you and other predators from eating or licking the toad. Many of these toxins are alkaloids that will kill you, so if you are running around licking toads, which you shouldn't be doing anyway since in the very vague explanation that serves for plot in the film you are supposed to be saving young children, not licking them or their toads, you would most probably stop licking the toad as soon as you tasted it or keel over dead or perhaps imagine very odd things, like living in a world where people insist on only filming intelligent scripts.
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