the high four-and-a-half (nextian) wrote in metaquotes,
the high four-and-a-half

pelennor_fields now owns my soul. Two comments from this undeniably witteh post:

shibaiko: my goal in life is to buy like 20 lindsay lohan dolls, and act out classic novels with them.

[snip a few other titles]
beowulf... starring LINDSAY LOHAN!

it's going to be AWESOME.

pelennor_fields: "LiEk OmG hRoThGaR, gRENdEl'S mOm Is ToTaLlY oLd."


alstaria referring to the Club Birthday River doll: I wonder if that (oh-so-gay) guy doll can kill you with his mind.

pelennor_fields: Apparently, you really CAN dress him up like a gorram doll and do some rutting tests.

"I don't care, I'm still free- you can't take my My Scene wardrobe from me."
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