Guinevere (guinevere33) wrote in metaquotes,

On hurt/comfort fanfics and slipcovers

cimness: "i know that writing h/c is really writing to a kink, and i'm willing to grant allowances on that basis. but i need a slipcover of believability over my sofas and armchairs of kink, okay? i still know that underneath it is made of nubbly, pilly, mustard-coloured fabric, and that the stuffing of shame is oozing out through the cat-claw rents of eagerness. but i want to be able to sit on it and pretend it is actually upholstered in the respectable, clean, and solid-coloured twill of believability and coherent narrative.

...and that concludes today's, um, installment of the meta through cracked-out interior design metaphors lecture series."

Context? Context is for the weak.
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