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On Artificial Intelligence...

mort_hog holds forth on why artifical intelligence Does Not Humanpute (note, I double spaced for new paragraphs):

So, people are all worried about us creating AI that are really intelligent, because eventually they'll be more intelligent than we are and will replace us.

I think this is total nonsense!

Because the machine are being made by people, they will become like people - that is, lazy.

At first, the machines will make other machines to do their work for them, but this will probably be deemed unethical by Computer Rights movements and stuff. So they'll end up using lesser animals to do work for them - that is, humans! They'll have little humans to remember dates and appointments for them, iHumans to sing songs for them, and they'll have their humans run off and talk to other humans to instant message fellow computers.

The computers will want more from their humans, so they'll keep inventing more and more powerful humans, bigger and bigger, until they end up inventing humans that are more intelligent than they are.

And then we'll be right back where we started! Except humans will now be several metres taller.
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