¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤ (kielle) wrote in metaquotes,
¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤

Forgot to mention that I saw Henry VIII the other day. Sean Bean! Tenderly cradling wounded nuns! And then rabble-rousing, and facing down the king, and being pawed by a ton of drunken soldiers remeniscing 'round the bonfire, and then a suspiciously familiar death! There's a sword fight 'gainst several enemies, multiple puncture wounds from nasty arrows, and a 'bollocks that's a lung' look of panicked incredulity and a final flail with the sword.

And then there is the quasi-crucifixion with bare feet and pained gasping and the blood. It should not have been hot, but it was. Oh, IT WAS.

-- hisgreyeyes

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