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Compacted metaquotes: read one, get one free!

From the fabulous joiedecombat, regarding fanfiction about Fantastic Four...

The joking about the name "von Doom" brings me inevitably back to the commentary regarding the fact that there are Mary Sue love interests for Dr. Doom out there, frighteningly enough...

"How in hell would that even work? Dr. Doom is fucking EVIL. That's why his name is 'Doom.' It comes from the Germanic word meaning 'I'M FUCKING EVIL, FANBITCHES.'"

The quote's from the comments from funwithrage's semi-review of said movie, which is also jampacked with FUNNY! and if you haven't read her before, go! Now! And read!

Also, I had to mention khukuri's list of things she is not allowed to do at work. I am highly amused by all, but a couple required special mention:

-OmGWTf is not a valid chemical compound.

-Don't touch the incredibly sticky glucose solution. Don't touch the incredibly sticky glucose solution. Don't touch the aw hell.

-Putting a filter through the integrity testing machine takes ten minutes. Use this time wisely. Envisioning how best to defend the facility from zombie attack is not useful. Put that shovel down.

LJ is a strange place, full of crazy people; and I am so very, very glad I found you all, and this community, for you keep me insane. [/warm squishy feelings]
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