Shelley (cousinshelley) wrote in metaquotes,

On religion and science fiction

xandri says my Force is as good as yours.

Two snippets:

My morals and ethics come more from Star Wars and Star Trek than the Bible. I'm not refuting anyones holy book- for the historical value. But what's so different between Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Picard, or Daniel Jackson and Moses, Noah, and Jesus? Why should it matter, as long as the message is hammered home? Science fiction may be full of blood and violence, but in case you hadn't noticed, so is the Bible. (Such is the appeal of the Bible to Alex in Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange.) Babies are killed, people drown, entire races are enslaved or exiled, the human race struggles for hope and freedom and knowledge. There's whores and torture and people who don't follow the rules.

How different does that sound from science fiction?


Some people argue that science fiction will lead fans to idolize villains instead of heroes. Why? Because they get better theme music? I don't see how some religions are any better. The "bad guys" still get to do cool stuff. You know what I say? If your villains are cooler than your heroes, you need to make a cooler hero.

You can read the whole rant, not terribly long, here.

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