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Oh my giddy giddy gosh

If you're not familiar with the Libertines, Babyshambles, Carl, Pete, Gary and Drew...

p_penelope :
This could be a complete fabrication, but I hope it's not. On .org.uk, in a thread titled 'Today', patwalden reports seeing Carl at the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club instore at Virgin. Carl said that he'd be back on stage 'in a few weeks' and that he has found a bassist, but he's in a different band.

Until there's confirmation/a name, I say we let the speculation run wild, nay, rampant, if you will. I give 80-1 odds on it being Drew.

rappers_delight :
I give 80-1 odds on it being Drew.
I want that to be true.

p_penelope :
I should probably lengthen the odds, it's so incredibly unlikely. But it would ROCK MY WORLD, I'm telling you.

Except that then Pete would need to find someone else's legs to shove his head between on stage... Does Ben Bailey play bass?

rappers_delight :
Hmm... good point. Althought maybe Peter could join Carl's band, too, and the line-up could be Gary = drums, Drew = bass, Carl = guitar, and Pete = between Carl's legs. That would be the extent of his job. And no bickering because I'm sure they'd both be a bit too focused on their respective tasks. It's the perfect solution!

p_penelope :
I think this is brilliant, and we should inform all four of this immediately. I'm sure they'll be instantly taken by the idea. Especially Pete and Carl. Drew might get a little jealous ... Anthony can run sound and keep him happy at, erm, other times.

aloha_nui :
Gary = drums, Drew = bass, Carl = guitar, and Pete = between Carl's legs.
The greatest band ever. There is no need for any other band if this were to actually happen.

rappers_delight :
I think the world would probably just have to call it a day after that. Like, "Oh, okay. This band exceeds the greatness of anything in the past, present or future. We might as well stop trying. Let's all just piss off to play some golf and maybe hit a Red Lobster afterwards. ShrimpFest!"

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