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backup10 (also known as wyk the headmistress of recently posted an online discussion she and other members of the webteam had about the descriptions they wrote up for the various songs on the Veronica Mars CD, which involved a long debate they nicknamed "The Great the/The Debate of 2005." Here it is in its entirety. One of the best parts?

Polter-Cow: freaking *iTunes* is smart enough to sort my music ignoring "the"s, because they're irrelevant.

My brother discovered that iTunes sorts Le Tigre by T. Which is really funny.

Inigo: iTunes speaks French. Who knew?

marks of love: My iTunes is apparently not francophone, because Le Tigre is firmly in L.

(In case you want to know, in LJland, Polter-Cow is spectralbovine, Inigo is inigo, and marks of love is hobviously.)
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