And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

Now I'm picturing Beren with a lightsaber AND IT'S COOL, goddammit...

From an OOC discussion of the RP whitecity:

malthenbereth: okay...our mod is doing darth vader impressions and rhi is laughing evilly in all caps. the game is doomed.
salabaker: well, it was nice knowing you! you'll look good chained to [Sauron's] throne. mind the rancor monster.
malthenbereth: nice knowing you, too. I'm sure you'll make a valiant stand at the edge of the sarlac pit. of course i fully expect you to execute a miraculous save at the last second.
salabaker: shush, I'm supposed to rescue you then. after you strangle Sauron with your hair and steal a Silmaril.
malthenbereth: Ooooh...but I'm not Luthien.
salabaker: and I'm not Han Solo, but we're work something out!

lastexile [Maglor]: There will be no stealing of Silmarils.
harryvefali: That's what you think... *steals one* *disappears*
urban_legend: Heheheheheh... *steals another* *follows Harry*
salabaker: *clubs Earendil like a baby seal easily-clubbable thing* Three for three!

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