O.K. (caprinus) wrote in metaquotes,

gila monster venom sex

From a flocked post by caprine, with permission (cut for HAWT SEX OMG!):

caprine: Mmm, bite me harder.
duckflambe: Rrrrrrrrr.
caprine: Oh yeah. Give me that gila monster love.
duckflambe: RRRRRrrrr.
caprine: I lift my scaly tail and present my cloaca.
duckflambe: GAAAH. BLEGH. Notice that my erection has completely disappeared.
caprine: [laughing hysterically] Sorry...
duckflambe: I am NOT a furry.
caprine: But that wasn't furry. It was scaly.
duckflambe: I am not a scaly either. EWWW.
caprine: I didn't say it because it was hot. I said it because it was funny.
duckflambe: It was the opposite of hot. Don't say things like that in bed!
caprine: Like "scaly tail"?
duckflambe: Not so much that as...
caprine: "Cloaca"?
duckflambe: Yeah. Eww.
caprine: Does this mean you're not going to sleep with me any more once I turn into a gila monster?
duckflambe: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

For those who haven't been reading my medical posts: I am taking Byetta (exenatide), a diabetes drug derived from gila monster venom, and have been joking for some time that it will eventually cause me to grow scales and a tail.

[caprinus: BTW, in case anyone has no idea what one looks like (I know I didn't), here's a Gila-zilla.]
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