Jonn Wood: Defective human, return to factory (mcity) wrote in metaquotes,
Jonn Wood: Defective human, return to factory

Remember that psycho who ranted about not getting the first HBP copy*?[Entry is flocked. Here's a copy.]

redglittrcoffin: Wow. THAT was pathetic. Somebody must've had a bit too large a helping of Carnation Instant Bitch this morning

From AFG.
Let's keep the comments spoiler-free, people.
*I'm ashamed to say that I didn't realize she was nuts until I read other people commentary on it. Then I thought it over and went "Buh?"

EDIT: Since I seem to have restarted the discussion, here's the original ranter's uinfo.
EDIT2: Does anyone have an Encyclopedia Dramatica account? The spoiler warning on the Harry Potter page contains HBP spoilers,(they were trying to be sardonic) and my IP is blocked cause I tried to use Bugmenot.
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