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no_more_connect in a comment about what it's like to be god (and incidentally, totally off-topic to the original post, so you don't need any context, woo-hoo) said:

yeah but turns out being god is a lot more like being a child than you'd think (or the human incarnation of god or lucifer or whatever). all the perks are very "wait til you grow up".

i wanna reign now. muahaha.

it's all very "human after all" in ways.

God-the-Father (answering jesus' gethsemene prayer to "let this cup pass" and not have to be crucified... in the role of Father to Son-of-God):

"When I Was Your Age We Had to Walk Fifty Miles Thru the SNOW to Go to Our Crucifiction. Carrying THREE Crosses. And There Wasn't Any of This Fancy Schmancy New-Fangled Rising Again in Three Days Either! We Had to Stay Dead for FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS... and When You Arose You Wasn't Nuthin' But a Stinking Bag of Puss and Bones and NOBODY Wanted to Worship You! YOU'LL GO TO YOUR CRUCIFICTION AND YOU'LL LIKE IT!!!!!!!"

awwwwww dad...
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