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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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lf_farewell - Hayden
scary_lullabies wrote in metaquotes
cleolinda once again with the pearls of wisdom:

(regarding her MarySue-ing herself)

Cleo Sue icons (emphasis on the "Sue," not on the "Cleo") for taking and using: because it didn't really happen if you didn't make icons.

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Just a quick note - the username is incorrect. It's cleolinda, who is awesome. :-)

There should really be a temple or a cult or something dedicated to her. :D She's just that awesome.

Yes, she is.

As is your icon. *love*

meep! Thanks so much! I can't belive I missed that.

*grins* No problem. I didn't actually notice it by sight - I clicked on it to check out the whole post, and got confused when it told me there was no such user. After a small panic attack *smirk* I realized there was a letter missing.

No offense, but I'm glad it was just a typo, and we didn't really lose Cleo. ;-)

Oy, what a scare. I humbly apologize and thank you again.

(Deleted comment)
Oh really? *wink wink nudge*

Icons should be able to have sex with eachother. It should be an extra-special piece of lj-html or something. Then we'd get these demented hybrid icon-spawn running around with like, Darth Vader spouting Tori Amos lyrics, or a cat with Daniel Radcliffe's head saying lines from iharthdarth, and other such monstrosities.

Darth Vader spouting Tori Amos lyrics. *is dead*

For the love of hell, someone please icon this.

(Deleted comment)
I would so start a community for such icons, cept my limited access to a computer would make me a terrible mod. I will, however, provide mute servitude for a negotiable amount of time to anyone willing to do so.

And by 'that', do you mean icons with fandom hybridisation or icons that squish other icons together?

(Deleted comment)
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