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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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(no subject)
[rl] do it now
holy_whatever wrote in metaquotes
Very much overdue!

The lovely and ever-funny eimran signs off for the night

I leave you all... with the wonderful mental image of a yak masturbating with a sliderule.


There isn't any 'context,' per se, but the original post can be found here

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Yeah. I tried not to envision it but alas, no dice. It became lodged unfortunately in my head.

Poor slide rule. It'll smell all yak-y now.

And we all know yak isn't a pleasant smell...

WTF? And how? Not that I actually want to know...

Or do I?

I have NO idea.

But it's a fun mental image, ain't it? I think it's different in every person's twisted lil' psyche.

Somewhere, a small child's innocence just died.

I thought masturbation killed kittens?

Re: only male masturbation.

hehehehe.. I like that version!

Re: only male masturbation.

Much love to your icon. I, too, <3th Darth.

Re: only male masturbation.

i like your icon!

Re: only male masturbation.

::Makes horribly undignified squeaky noise:: PUPPY!!

Now with 427% better code!

Welcome to metaicons, here.

Re: Now with 427% better code!

God, I wish I knew about that sooner. I started the whole "OMG racecar bling bling" thing awhile back, so God knows there are a ton of metaicons with that floating around out there.

It didn't exist then, so they mostly visited userpicks and then joined such esteemed expressions as "and now he dead from coke" and "my hed iz pastede on yay".

I seem to have missed the "he dead from coke" phenomenon. How did it go?

*tries to pretend she didn't type cock instead of coke the first time* Freudian slip, what?

I feel very reassured knowing I'm not the only one with cock coke on the brain.

i am safe. i have no idea what a sliderule is/looks like
tra la la la la BLISS!

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