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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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shikala_uzuki wrote in metaquotes
tallest_spork has this to say about The Jeezy Creezy fandom:

"What, Jesus dies??? SHIT...

Actually, the HP fandom could be really amusing as a Bible fandom.

"I can't believe God did that in that book. I mean, killing Jesus? Totally not cool. And bringig him back was using a really lame plot device. Deus ex machina is lame."

"Yeah, seriously. We should just forget the New Testament happened."

(a split in fandom is what seperated the Christians from the Jews)

or "These new books are lame, we should just take the Anne Rice version's as canon from here on." "

From a post on Userpicks.

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*hisses at the mention of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Writing, pulls away into the shadows*

(Deleted comment)
What makes you think S/He didn't?

Some people just never get the hint.

Oh, oh... that is... so fantastic. XD


I SOOO needed this.

HBP: It's like the New Testament in a way.

For Harry Potter fans, hell yes.

Bwahahahaha!! XD That's brilliant.

LOL. This discussion is fairly old, but it's still funny. As I recall it's generally agreed that the Book of Mormon is Fanon...

*icon love for Harold Ramis*

I think I'm going to change my generic spoiler response from "He gets killed by bees in the end" to "Jesus comes back to life - just like Spock in Star Trek III."

WTF U PERV they are just friendz!!!!1

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