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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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digitized worldview
marysiak wrote in metaquotes
"Special Community Support Officers were on hand to deal with any suspected terrorist activity by wearing fluorescent yellow tabards and looking at you like you might be dodgy. These brave volunteers, who freely give up the time they normally spend applying for the Territorial Army again, have been given special powers to hold Islamist terrorists quite hard by the arm until a proper policeman can come to finish the job." - antipholus on the state of London security

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This sounds suspiciously like the small militia the U.S. had going around the border for a while. :o

Are you suggesting the Candadians dress brightly enough to be seen as it is?

For some reason, people have this idea that there are just as many people trying to escape to Canada as are people trying to escape from South America. Frankly, it should be the Mounties who are patroling their border. :o

Vietnam all over again. I'm leaving on Weds in fact and I'm a woman.

It's Bush. Every time Bush does something, a couple hundred liberals scream 'I'm moving to Canada!' but never really do. The famous ones get to lie and say they never said they were moving because famous people can literally get away with murder in America.

Well, my girlfriend and I moved to Australia. And we're seriously considering staying or moving to Canada after she finishes with school.

i love your icon. where is it from? i kind of want to alter/borrow it.

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