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When the british speak
_midoriko_sama_ wrote in metaquotes
This is rozefire expressing her opinions, as a British citizen herself, about the second terrorist bombing that occured in London.

People need to stop bombing London. ¬_¬

It upsets our tea time.

>V< As British as one can get! :p

Of course, Aoi_tsuki's answer was just as fine... but that's another meta-quote altogether :p

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The first bombing brought out the tea.

The second time, we were more interested in putting heads on pikes!

As a Scots descendent myself, and a Maltese person, who's ancesters locked the French up in one of our cities and ate the liver - really ate the liver - of the poor ones they caught still outside the walls I say...

We must be culturally and morally superiour. We can't go be xenophonbic... especially when it comes to atrocious punishments. Now being mummified alive sounds like an interesting option for them... after all, they're all about sacrificing themselves for a good cause. And our amusement is as good as they get.

*grins ruthlessly and watches other people on the post back away slowly*

I don't think the atrocious punishments are xenophobic - I think they're a reaction to the crime. Rehabilitation and dialogue aren't options with someone who's willing to blow themselves up, so people are feeling easier about upping the punishment. Mind you, you'd need for a bomber to *fail* and then be found guilty. I don't think anyone on the comments to that post was serious about 'heads on pikes' except maybe me it was more to show that we do have options once we run out of tea!

XD don't worry about it, I was joking too. :p For the xenophobic part, i meant more 'oh my, pikes and eating livers are so ten minutes ago. Why don't we tie them to a horizontal tree over a river full of crocodiles, and watch as those cute green creatures all take a leap at their hanging... apparatus, like some tribes do to prove manliness?'

And rosey-pie, who I have quoted above, genially suggested cannibalism in case of tea-drought. X'''D

Rehabilitation and dialogue aren't options with someone who's willing to blow themselves up,

You'd be surprised. Obviously you can't do anything with the ones who have already blown themselves up, but I know that Israel at least makes a practice of talking to some failed suicide bombers, trying to understand motivation, mentality, not to mention finding out who's doing the brainwashing (and it's usually brainwashing done by certain groups who home in on vulnerable, angry young people).

Don't fuck with their tea! They get mean when you do that...

Tea, the drug of the Britons...

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