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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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I'd pay good doubloons to see her do this...
K: Eeep, Eeep
kielle wrote in metaquotes

o_O It sounds like someone with a pegleg is limping around in the apartment upstairs. THUNK!draaagTHUNK!draaag...

I want to go upstairs in my tricorner hat and say, "YARR! I'm always lookin' for more of me kind!" just to see how they react.

-- eiluned

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LMAO. That would be awesome.

Aah, tricornes. *adds it to the list of head accessories to get one day, right under "a lip ring" and "aviator goggles"*

don't forget the bottle of rum

I haven't cracked up that badly in days. Thanks. ^_^

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