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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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"Usually, I hate the customers at my job but ..."
Ahiru & Fakir text
rashaka wrote in metaquotes
Taken from the f-locked journal of donna_c_punk:

... I really wish I'd heard all of the conversation here. Still, I'll give you the portion I overheard. Because it made me laugh my arse off.

The players: Three teenage boys (probably 17 or 18).

The scene: The other end of the aisle I'm in.

The funny:

Boy 1: "... (where I tuned in) yeah, I heard about that, too. I don't know why he's even going to bother."

Boy 2: "It'd be a Phallic victory."

Boy 1: "::snickers::"

Boy 3: "It's PYRRHIC victory, dumbass."

Boy 2: "::completely unaware of the funny he's made:: Um ... then what's a Phallic victory?"

Boy 3: "Something you'll never know."


that's too funny *chuckles*. Poor guy ^_~

On the upside, at least two of them recognized the correct phrase.

Yeah, that's pretty impressive.

Boy number 3 scored a FLAWLESS VICTORY.

Where on earth did these unusually articulate and literate teenage boys come from? And are there more out there? It almost gives one hope.

Oh, they're out there.


(Deleted comment)
Boy 3, if I were in highschool, I so would go to prom with you.

I'm in highschool, and wish I knew one of them to go with.

I have to agree that boy three gives me hope for our future...

Somehow I can't help but think that these boys had Latin at some point in their education.
*hearts Boy 3*


Boy 3, if you live anywhere near me-- I'll buy you a soda and a burger sometime.

I want to marry boy 3 now. *_*

I think I'm going to marry your icon.

Boy 3 I want to have your babies. ^-^

Ah, the wonder of the internet. Somewhere out there, a boy is walking around completely unaware that somewhere in the deep jungle of teh Interweb, he has gathered a following for his cult. I wonder if he's been looking over his shoulder all day...

Re: *joins boy 3 fanclub*

i just see women driving around with bumper stickers that say, "I <3 Boy 3!" now.

Re: *joins boy 3 fanclub*

*adds boy 3 to her interests*

Re: *joins boy 3 fanclub*

I think I'll do the same!

(Deleted comment)
*furtive glance* The only reason why I remember it is because I was in a LARP called Pyrrhic.