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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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britta guns - shelightsupwell
laurelin_kit wrote in metaquotes
"I also feel just a tiny bit insulted by a movie that wants me to take a character named 'Keith Orbit' seriously in a context outside of The Jetsons."

- ironychan, about the new movie Stealth

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Stealth took Batman Begins out of my local theater! *shakes fist* May Cillian Murphy dose Rob Cohen with copious amounts of weaponized hallucinogens!

...on an somewhat more related note, did you notice there's also a Captain Cummings, a Captain Dick Marshfield, and a Lt. Shaftsbury? And Lt. Ben Gannon's only a few letters away from Big Cannon.

Icon love!

Snape/Alexander Dane OMGtheirhateissodirectedagainsttheleadcharacter!!11

Give icon love and it shall be returned! *busts up laughing at yours*

Your icon is a thing of beauty.

Oh god that movie sucked so much.

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