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When icewyche announced to customers_suck that Mr Dictionary Is Your Friend, she pointed out that:
"whey" is pronounced "way", not "whee". Little Miss Muffet did not eat curds and "whee".

This spawned a number of amusing comments which I couldn't choose between, thus are listed below:

wynnen Curds and whee! Tee-hee! To funny. Sounds like a guy with a yeast infection.

makarov curds and WHEE are best eaten during periods of gonads & strife

Me: Heh, you just know Miss Muffet was a stoner. She ate some "curds" and then... "Wheeeee!"
icewyche Which explains why she saw giant spiders. :-D

The thread contains a number of other amusing comments about the confusion of prostate with prostrate, but, but - WHEEE!

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