Seven ways to sanity (nailbat) wrote in metaquotes,
Seven ways to sanity

I'll eat your firstborn!

Quote taken from ladydreamer with verbal permission.

Crys and I were discussing Bill and Greyback, and talking about what a sick fucker that guy is. I mimed what it would be like for him to knaw on Bill's face like a chewtoy.

Crys: You gotta bit their face
Me: It's the best part!

Slight discussion on Crys' part about how funny it is to say "They'll eat your FACE!"

Me: He didn't eat Remus' face. I guess he was too small.
Crys: Yeah.
Me: You got to get them on the shoulder so you don't bite them in half... I wonder what Remus' dad did to piss Greyback off.
Crys: Hm.
Me: He probably cut him off in traffic.
Crys: OMG You asshole I'm gonna go bite your KID!
Mark: *comes in* WHAT?
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