Tajessa (tajessa) wrote in metaquotes,

Oh, I am so sorry, but this was so full to the brim with juicy meta-meta goodness, how could I resist?

From the thread of uwue's tale of iPod woe, come the great and glorious rules of Metaquotes.

beoweasel explained:
RULE ONE OF METAQUOTES: Don't drink while reading the entries.
RULE TWO OF METAQUOTES: You don't talk about Metaquotes...because nobody will understand what the fuck you're talking about.

outofbeta continued with:
You are not your Friends List. You are not your comments page. You are not your fucking icon space. YOU ARE NOT YOUR POST-TO-metaquotes-RATIO FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS!

Heh. I am full of the love for the Fight Club references. Because I'm lame like that.
(edited to make it clear where the quote actually STOPS - sorry!)
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