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On parents and media ratings...

demonscuzz in this post on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and other media bits... (Behind a cut because the quote is a good paragraph.)

"There is, of course, a great deal of concern about what kind of impact these games have on kids, and how horrible we all are for allowing them access to such depravity. Nevermind that retailers won't sell Mature (17 and up) games to kids, but have no choice but to hand them over to parents who are buying them for little 9 year old Timmy because he just HAS to have it and it's JUST a game, right? It's OBVIOUSLY the fault of the developers, and the retailers, and the ratings board, because it could NEVER be the fault of the PARENTS if the kid turns out screwed up. Tell you what, folks. If you buy your kid games that tell him everything he could ever want to know about the dozens of ways to chop people up with a machete, don't start crying foul when he's standing in the kitchen with the butcher knife and a wicked gleam in his eye. The catch, of course, is that the parents have to know what's in the game to object to it. And that take time and effort to learn. So they don't. And they buy the games. And the kid stops whining for awhile. And all is well. And then you find sharp objects in your vital organs and demand to know what kind of sickos make games like that."

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