Subtlety? Not my strong suit. (all_ephemera) wrote in metaquotes,
Subtlety? Not my strong suit.

apocalypsos :  What I really want to do: Withdraw cash from my checking account, call in sick from work, go to see the very first showing of Sky High, stay and see the showing immediately following that while grinning stupidly and vibrating in my seat from excitement, bounce home on the power of my glee, find a winning lottery ticket in the gutter, run into Jake Gyllenhaal on the way to the lottery office and fall madly in love, race off to Vegas to get hitched, and suddenly discover on the way home that I've developed telepathy and the ability to teleport.


There seems to be a schism between reality and what I really want to do. I hate it when that happens.

Perhaps if what I really wanted was to do my taxes or balance my checkbook, something exciting would happen to me. Although with my luck, "something exciting" would be a legion of flying monkeys attacking me on the way to work. Hmph.
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