Rev. First Speaker Schol-R-LEA;2 (schol_r_lea) wrote in metaquotes,
Rev. First Speaker Schol-R-LEA;2

A wish for wings that won't fall off

For this month's Rabbit Hole Day, cadhla had this to say about trying to keep her pixie wings into the Fall:

If we can ride this heatwave through the middle of September, and I'm careful about bundling up, there's a chance that I may still have my wings when October rolls around. I want wings at OVFF. All my nice shirts have slits in the backs, and since we're fitting my dresses now, they're going to have them, too. I want to not be walking around like an idiot, displaying my 'I just lost my wings' scabs through the holes in the backs of my shirt. Plus, my wings are way pretty this year, and a girl wants to look her best when she's becoming Mistress of All Toast.

And no, she won't share the drugs.
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