R is for Raygun (kleenexwoman) wrote in metaquotes,
R is for Raygun

Not funny per se, but I felt it was such good advice it needed to be spread.

diraskyria writes:
"I find it fascinating (and disturbing) that so many guys I know feel that it's hard work to even talk to a girl....and even equally fascinating that they blame this one the girl. How is it a girl's fault that you have self confidence issues? Also, as I said, any girl who's going to make you work for her affections simply isn't worth it. A girl should care for you based on who you are, not what you're willing to do to get them. Trial and error, gentlemen, trial and error. And girls have to go through shit like this, too, you know...I don't care if me saying this pisses any of you off, but, christ, get over yourselves, stop blaming your insecuries, poor luck, and lack of patience on the female population. Good girls who don't completely shit on you (um, well, unless you're into that sort of thing) exist, but you're going to be so busy comiserating and bitching that you'll completely miss them."
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