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More HP meta.

Background: shoebox_project is a popular (and brilliant) multimedia Marauder-era Harry Potter fanfic. theblackdoll asks how the co-authors feel that a plot point in the story was proven to be non-canon in that infamous Mugglenet interview. Co-author dorkorific responds with a manifesto...

We are LEAVING THE FANDOM. (At least for the afternoon, cause we're pretty tired.) And we're taking the silver, the good china, our bear Mr Tuggles, and a couple beers.

Goodbye, Good Ship Violent PotterDeath! You shall always sail on the sparkling cerulean ocean of our imagination. *HUGS* to everyone who feels the same as we do. We are with you in spirit always, as we ascend to a new plane of existence, aka our new fandom, super-explicit Boy Meets World slash.

The whole manifesto is worth a read.
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