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A couple of dinky-di quotes for you. :)

Both found on aussielj

I just thought I would share with you the joys of living in true rural Australia, where all creatures are safe and happy to share my space. {now if only the brown snakes and giant wolf spiders would go some place else!}

hjj Read the whole story (about echidnas) is here.


And a brush with fame...

I then drove 5 minutes to the reptile park with said bundle in the boot of my car, got out of the car and went into the reptile park so someone could retrive snake. So, this fellow comes out, kinda looking at me funny and requests that I bring the snake inside. After retrieving said snake in pillow case in box in doona cover from the boot of my car I re-entered the establishment holding the whole kit and kaboodle at arms length and dumped it on the counter.

Picture, if you will, the look of complete bafflement I got about being so scared of snakes. There were numerous more baffled and disbelieving looks passed my way as the fellow opened up my packaging. By the time he got to the snake, he actually thought I was a complete drongo. So he pulls this snake out of the pillow case and went into raptures about it. Apparently, it was a small-eyed snake (not too poisonous), gravid (pregnant), and 'it was a beudy'. I was then asked, as said fellow played with this snake, where it came from. Being quick witted, I gave an address at the opposite side of Beerwah as the snake slithered around being held onto by ... have you guessed yet?

Beerwah Reptile Park is now Australia Zoo.

Steve Irwin thought I was an idiot.

From alasenr The whole post can be found here - it's a quite cute story.

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