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heartfelt conversation scenes

ringteign about heartfelt conversation scenes


I've come to the conclusion that I am physically incapable of writing heartfelt conversation scenes. I should have a medical discharge or something.

I tried again today. Oh boy, did I try. I sat down and opened my file and woke my boys up. 'Boys,' I said. 'You're going to have a heartfelt conversation today.' And they looked at me strangely and one said 'Are you sure?' and the other said 'Are you really sure?' 'Yes!' I replied. 'I am! You're going to talk about feelings and betrayal and damn the consequences!' And I even pulled out the traditional stiff upper lip to show them I really meant business. So they shrugged at each other and walked into the fic and took their positions amongst the broiling discontent and the clunky exposition and waited for me to start.

431 words later I'd written an comical misunderstanding involving the personal hygiene habits of labradors.

I should be shot.
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