Just keep swimming... (cheezdanish) wrote in metaquotes,
Just keep swimming...

sages_of_chaos again.

Deadpool brings the smackdown to a Giant Robot Rap battle.

No, I don't get it either, but I laugh my butt off.

Just to bitchslap the boy even further, lemme show ya how ta battle rap, get a li'l Beastie flavor up in this bitch.

What up, freaks? C'mon, check it out
Comin' at ya hard like I got the mad gout
Takin' over towns like a Decepticon
Like I'm Megatron, I ain't no Galvatron
Shockwave, Soundwave, Rumble or Frenzy
Hated that little motherfucker called Kremzeek!
Lightin' up the sky like a bolt from Shazam
I was hot for Esposito in the "Summer of Sam"
I digs me a blonde, I bust a move on brunette
I go home with a firebox, I don't go home with Chet
'Do you realize it's snowing in my room, goddammit?'
Naw, but Chrissy Snow prob'ly got it on with Janet
Hit it, I did it, I should never have to quit it
If you wanna call me Duke, I'm gonna have to True Grit it

Now Big U thinks he's a pimp just cuz he found a hat
Time to school his punk-ass, ya need more than that
Ya need style and flava, not your Sweep electric shavers
I ain't scared o' no chump that turns into a Life-Saver
Take your anus-lookin' anus on over to Uranus
So your sorry mic skillz don't hang around to pain us
I know ya think any brotha who stands against you will fall
But guess what, suckapunk, I'm TAUNTIN' HAPPY FUN BALL!
You're a holiday wreath, a Cheerio with teeth
When we ask 'where's the beef?' we know you ain't the thief
You ain't packin' nothin' there below your abs
'Cept for Galvatron scratchin' like he's one o' your crabs
Now I'm done lookin' at your goofy metal beard
I'll let ya be cuz I can see your eyes gettin' all teared
Now go run your ass home to your momma, you're done
Cuz Wade's got ya played until all are fuckin' one!
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