Kassandra Fireborn (fireborn) wrote in metaquotes,
Kassandra Fireborn

Two Non-HP! Yes, I know, it's shocking.

pghkitten is packing to move, and has, of course, run out of room, prompting the following discussion:

mama_rama: Why does everything take up more room in boxes? In theory, shouldn't it be more compact?

pghkitten: Adam blames it on the fact that we have taken everything out of the furniture that stores it, and have now stacked the boxes containing the stuff in front of the furniture that is still there. I'm more of the opinion that we have simply broken the laws of physics.

mama_rama: I too believe that the laws of physics have been temporarily suspended re: my packing process. Somehow, when I emptied ONE 30 gallon toybox I somehow created TWO 30 gallon garbage bags full of castoffs and TWO 20 gallon rubbermaid containers of Things To Keep. WTF?!

pghkitten: Okay...so one unit of 30 gallons became a total of four units encompassing one hundred gallons.

I suspect your daughter's toys have perfected the art of alchemy. You should leave some pieces of lead in one of the boxes overnight to see if it turns into gold.

Meanwhile, ursulav has either been the victim of a failed prank, or else is witness to a new miracle of nature:

A few minutes ago, I went out to the car to put some laundry in the back, and discovered something pale hanging from the driver's side, where it had been slammed in the door.

It looked pale and swayed a little. I thought "Oh, god, is that a snake? Have I caught some poor reptile in the door?"

I was...sort of right, but it was no worse for wear. Investigation revealed that, against all odds, a glow-in-the-dark rubber snake was hanging from the car.

One might expect that I would know the rubber snake, that I would yell "BINKY!" and run towards it with arms outstretched, but as a matter of fact, I've never seen it before in my life. No clue how it got in the car. Mosquitos, bees, flies, the occasional spider--I expect them to wander into the car, because I live in a bloody swamp, after all. Rubber snakes, however, is a new one. It's possible that, like locusts, the rubber snakes only rise from hibernation every few years, and this is their year. Am I at ground zero for this miracle of nature? Will hundreds of small, glow-in-the-dark snakes burrow up from the bowels of the earth, to bask and spawn and die, possibly in and around my car? Of course it will! Nothing surprises me about the local ecology any more. If there is a Greater Southern Rubbersnake, of course it would live here. How silly of me to think otherwise.
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